Village sign to stand the test of time unveiled

VILLAGERS saw two years hard work come to fruition with the unveiling of a new sign.

The new village sign for Foxton was revealed on Sunday, with Nigel Oakley, chairman of Foxton parish council, doing the honours at a ceremony attended by about 40 people, who braved the wet weather to be part of the occasion.

Steve Tongish, who was part of the project’s organising committee, said: “There was a sign which had been put up in the village around the turn of the millenium, but it was made of painted plywood and wasn’t standing the test of time.

“We got in touch with an artist, Brian Gaze. He used to live in this area, and has designed over 300 different signs for villages, so we brought him in to design a new one for us.

“The paint on the sign should last about 10-12 years, but as it’s made of aluminium we will be able to get it repainted.”

Mr Gaze, who was present at the unveiling ceremony, has incorporated many different aspects of village life in the sign, including the village church, it’s sporting heritage, and the Common Stream, a tribuitary which runs through the village that was the subject of a book penned by Rowland Parker.

The project was funded by the Foxton Gardens Association and donations from residents, with the Parish Council also making a contribution. Foxton Historical Society was also involved in the project, and had some input into the design process.

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“We were very grateful for all the donations to the project,” said Mr Tongish.

“We had a sneak preview on Friday for all the people who helped to fund it, and I think they were very impressed.

“And there was a remarkably good turn out for the ceremony on Sunday, given the weather conditions.”