UPDATE: Chemical spill conclusion

A CHEMICAL spill which caused disruption across Royston yesterday (Thursday) safely came to a conclusion last night.

The spill of an estimated 300 litres of mixed dangerous chemical took place at 4.07pm after a reaction in a container caused it to leak.

It is believed a quantity of the hazardous material, a mix of Nitric Acid and Methanesulfonic acid, entered a storm drain.

Firefighters from across Hertfordshire were called, businesses were evacuated and residents were urged to stay indoors by police.

A spokesman for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue said: “Two chemicals reacted with each other which caused the lid to pop off and spill out on to the concrete.

“The firefighters then left it to react to the concrete and it began gassing off after being advised by Bureau Veritas.

“Our firefighters to ensure it was working and cooling down were in chemical suits and they used thermal imaging equipment.”

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The incident took place at Tru-lon Printed Circuits, in Newark Close, and police shut Old North Road at the junction of York Way and Orchard Road was closed at the junction of Greenfield.

The fire service said the stop message came in at 9.21pm last night.

No-one was harmed in the incident.