UPDATE: 1,000 tonne timber fire still burning

A 1,000 tonne timber fire continued to burn at a recycling centre this morning with firefighters on hand two days after it began.

Crews were called at 7.10pm on Wednesday to Bridgefoot Farm Quarry, Heydon - near the A505 - after recycled wood, sawdust and one recycling machine caught alight.

Since then a number of crews have been in attendance - including a team from Royston.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue said: “There is one crew there and they have been there all night and so far it is still burning in a controlled manner.

“They have jets there ready to use on the fire if the wind changes but at the moment they’re letting it burn.”

Onsite workers have helped the firefighters to create breaks to prevent the fire from spreading.

The Environment Agency have also been called and are monitoring the wind direction while working to keep the fire contained.