Twins’ charity trek

TWO identical twin sisters are asking for the help of Royston’s residents as they embark on an unusual challenge.

Christine Dafter and Hazel Green are to walk more than 300 miles to raise �10,000 for charity, passing through Crow country en route.

The 66-year-olds, from Kent, are travelling along the Meridian Line which marks Greenwich Mean Time, and need a place to stay in Melbourn. It is the first time the walk has been attempted for charity.

Hazel said: “The route takes us from Peacehaven in East Sussex to Sand le Mere on the coast of Hull and starts on Sunday May 1, ending 30 days later.

“We are planning to walk through your area on Thursday May 12. The next morning we commence the walk to Meldreth on the A10 where the plan is to be picked up at the Pumping Station just north of Meldreth or a little earlier at the British Queen Inn in Meldreth.”

The twins are looking for a place to stay in Melbourn as part of the route.

“We would like to save the money for charity so it would be handy if we didn’t have to pay for accommodation,” said Hazel. “If anyone can put us up it would be most appreciated.”

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Money raised from the walk will go directly to the Department of Twin Research at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London via the charity The Chronic Disease Research Foundation.

Donations can be made at To offer the twins a place to stay contact Christine on