Troublesome tree finally removed

NURSERY Nurses at a Royston day care centre have expressed their relief after contractors finally removed a tree that caused problems with parking.

A dead tree that stood in a garden opposite the Orchards Day Nursery in Kneesworth Street had branches blown off by 80mph winds on Wednesday last week, scattering them across parking bays used by parents.

It was the latest in a long line of problems the tree has caused the centre, including when a branch landed on the windscreen of a car, causing damage.

Contractors from Herts Highways finally began work to remove the tree on Monday (November 15).

Gemma Barrett, deputy manager at the centre, said: “I’m very pleased that Hertfordshire county council or Hertfordshire highways have taken our compliant seriously and acted very promptly.

“We had been told by North Herts District Council to warn people against using the parking bays. If a branch would have struck a person it could have done serious damage.

“When the tree hit the car (on October 1), it made such a loud bang that we could hear it from in the building. It’s a relief that this has been sorted out.”

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Herts Highways had been in touch with the owner of the tree on several occasions before it was eventually agreed for it to be removed.