Station revamped ahead of sustainability project

Marc Edwards, Katherine Ware and MP Sir Oliver Heald at Royston station

Area station manager Marc Edwards and Katherine Ware, HCC's lead on sustainable travel towns, gave MP Sir Oliver Heald a tour of Royston station - Credit: Patrick Ladbury

Improvements have been made to Royston station, with further transport developments planned as part of the Sustainable Travel Towns initiative.

North East Herts MP Sir Oliver Heald was given a tour of the improvements - which included new temporary stairs and railings to help passengers move between platforms while the old rail passenger bridge is being assessed for repairs.

A new defibrillator has also been installed, and garden works have been completed along with new planters.

Area station manager Marc Edwards and Katherine Ware, the county council's lead on Sustainable Travel Towns, showed Sir Oliver around and briefed him on the scheme.

Sir Oliver praised the new developments for "lifting the look of the station", and added: "I was pleased Royston was chosen for the Sustainable Travel Town initiative. This will look at the sustainability of using pedestrian and cycling with public transport.”