New app allows passengers to order bus to virtual stops

Hertslynx bus app

HertsLynx is designed to improve connections between rural villages and larger town centres - Credit: Herts County Council

Bus users will soon be able to order a lift with a new app to improve connections between rural villages and larger towns. 

The on-demand bus service, HertsLynx, is launching in the county from September 19, as part of Herts County Council’s plans to improve transport.

HertsLynx bus app

L-R: Owen Mapley, chief executive of HCC, Alice Bowler, HertsLynx project manager; Cllr Phil Bibby, Stephen Fidler, co-director for local transport at the Department for Transport. - Credit: Herts County Council

Residents in east and north Herts will be able to use the app to order a bus pick up and drop off from virtual bus stops along routes where normal bus services are infrequent.

The HertsLynx service is designed to make it easier for people to get to work or school, go shopping, or travel to appointments, without needing to use a car or taxi.

Hertslynx map

HertsLynx will serve parts of east and north Herts - Credit: Herts County Council

HertsLynx can be used for travel anywhere in its operating zone, which is centred around Buntingford.

There are no fixed routes on the service - instead passengers can be picked up and dropped off at a vast number of stops within this zone.

HertsLynx bus app

Passengers will be able to order a bus to pick them up with Herts County Council's new HertsLynx service - Credit: Herts County Council

Passengers can also travel to designated locations in the key hub towns of Stevenage, Bishop’s Stortford, Royston, Baldock, Hitchin and Letchworth.

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Phil Bibby, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “I am really pleased that we’re launching this new on-demand bus service.

"We want Herts to be a cleaner, greener and healthier county, and part of that means providing practical and affordable alternatives to the car.

"We’ve listened to what residents in these rural areas of the county have been telling us about wanting more frequent and flexible bus services, and HertsLynx will certainly deliver that.” 

Jim Thorpe, managing director for Uno, said: “We’re excited to have been successful in securing the contract to run the HertsLynx, the first demand responsive bus service in rural Hertfordshire, and look forward to working with our customers and stakeholders to introduce it to the county.

"It will be a fantastic addition to public transport provision and reach parts of the county not previously served.”

Journeys can be booked though the HertsLynx app, online at or over the phone on 01992 555513.

The cost of a journey will be between £1 and £4 depending on the length of the journey.

The HertsLynx service has been set up by Hertfordshire County Council with funding from the government’s Rural Mobility Fund.

For more information on HertsLynx visit