'Outrageous' lack of action on A505 potholes

Cllr Steve Jarvis is calling on Hertfordshire County Council to reduce the number of potholes on the A505

Cllr Steve Jarvis is calling on Hertfordshire County Council to reduce the number of potholes on the A505 - Credit: Herts County Council/Danny Loo

A Royston councillor has urged the county council to repair potentially dangerous potholes on the A505.

Cllr Steve Jarvis, who represents Royston West and Rural on Hertfordshire County Council, described the council's lack of action as "outrageous".

He said: "I have been trying to get the county council to repair the many potholes on the A505 for some time.

"At my request an additional inspection of the road was carried out and this did confirm that there were pot holes but most apparently did not meet the standard for an immediate repair.

"The only response to this so far has been to put up some uneven road signs, which is clearly not good enough.

"I am aware that a number of people have had wheels and tyres damaged so the county council’s claim that these potholes are not big enough to be a problem is clearly not true.

"I am also aware that the county council is trying to avoid compensating people for the damage on the basis that they were either unaware of the holes or that they could not reasonably be expected to have fixed them – which is outrageous."

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Cllr Jarvis said he had asked the council for an update on when the repairs will be done, but is still waiting for a response.

The Make the A505 Safer campaign was started by Lynsey Langdon from Royston after her husband Greig broke his back in a crash at Slip End in 2016. The campaign's main aim is to get traffic to travel at lower speeds to avoid accidents - but the potholes have led to fears that cars could be damaged and drivers or motorcyclists could be seriously injured.

A Herts County Council spokesperson said: "In line with good practice, we operate a risk-based approach to dealing with potentially hazardous potholes on our roads.

"We have factored in some patching repairs along the A505 during the next financial year. This road is subject to a monthly safety inspection and any hazardous (category 1) potholes identified will be repaired accordingly.

"We aim to make the most significant ones safe within 24 hours but it very much depends on factors such as the size of the pothole and how busy the road is."