TOWN COUNCIL ELECTIONS: High five for Tories in Heath ward.

IT was five out of five for the Conservatives in Heath ward in the Royston town council elections.

The poll, held yesterday, saw all five Tory candidates cruise to victory, though the turn out was just 23.88 per cent.

Peter Burt (555 votes), Lindsay Davidson (527 votes), and Graham Palmer (486 votes) were all re-elected, and will be joined by new faces John Davison (520 votes) and Victoria Hulstrom (471 votes).

Neither of the other parties made significant in-roads, with Liberal Democrat candidates Caroline Coates (364 votes), Joan Inwood (319 votes), David May (281), Janet Sackman (258), and Robert Spragg (225), lagging someway behind, along with Labour nominees Robin King (187), and Ken Garland (182).

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