TOWN COUNCIL ELECTIONS: As you were in Palace ward

CONSERVATIVES and Liberal Democrats shared the votes in Palace ward in the Royston town council elections.

The ward will continue to be represented by three tory councillors and two lib dems, after voters elected Robert Inwood (Lib Dem, 455 votes), Martin Beaver (Conservative, 407 votes), Lynn Berry (Conservative, 389 votes), Elizabeth Freeman (Liberal Democrat, 364 votes), and Philip Mayne (Conservative, 354 votes).

Of the other candidates, former councillor Craig Doel (Conservative) failed to win re-election, securing only 336 votes, Another tory, Jean Green, received 334, Liberal Democrats Chris East, Paul Jeray, and Nanya Lilley polled 284, 291, and 278 respectively, while Labour’s only candidate, Les Baker, picked up 268.

Turn out was a disappointing 21.49 per cent.