Torchbearers urged to step forward by Royston 2012

CALLS for Olympic torchbearers to step forward in Crow Country have been made by the Royston 2012 committee.

Although the exact route of the torch has not yet been decided it is known that the torch will be in Cambridge on July 7 and Luton the following day – possibly passing through North Herts.

Last week North Herts District Council appealed to the public to put themselves forward to be among the 8,000 torchbearers – a plea supported by Les Baker, vice chairman of Royston 2012, a group that supports the games at a grassroots level.

“If we had the official torch we would do everything possible to see its arrival here and passage through the town would be as successful as possible.

“We support the message that went out last week about having torchbearers who come from the area and how we can be a part of it.”

Mr Baker said although he did not know if the torch would pass through the town and ultimately may not, there will be festivities regardless.

To nominate someone to run a 300-metre leg you must write a statement of 150 words describing why they should carry the torch and send it to the London 2012 committee by the end of the month.

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