Ton-up for Royston’s Molly!

MOLLY Ashby is celebrating 100 years – all of which have been spent in Crow country.

The resident of Green Street in Royston was born, educated and married in Melbourn, before moving to her current home in 1948.

“I have loved living in Royston because the people are very friendly, and I have never thought about moving away,” she said.

“I moved here just after my husband returned from national service in North Africa, Italy and Gibraltar. I spent the war looking after my father.

“The town hasn’t actually changed too much, but there are fewer shops in the High Street now – we could do with a few more.”

Mrs Ashby, born Molly Goldthorpe, was the youngest of four sister and two brothers, but didn’t have any children of her own.

Her husband Stan, who died around four years ago, worked at The Crow as a printer.

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She puts her longevity down to her family genes.

“I have never been one to bother about what I have been eating or drinking,” she said. “I don’t really have a secret, but my father lived to be 95, one of my sisters was 93 and my grandfather was 98.”

The lifelong Crow reader celebrated with a party at the Evergreen Club in Royston, where she has been a member for 33 years, and still looks forward to her newspaper every week.

“I always have a wonderful time at the Evergreen Club and they threw me a little party to celebrate. The mayor came down to wish me a happy birthday too.

“I always look forward to receiving my Crow each week – but this will be the first time I have ever been in it myself!”