Thieves target two high performance cars in Royston

THIEVES targeted two high performance cars in Royston after first breaking into properties to steal the keys.

A BMW and an Audi A4 were both stolen overnight between June 23 and 24, with Hertfordshire Constabulary suspecting the crimes may be linked.

The Audi was taken hours after Mark King returned from Luton airport at about 1.30am last Thursday, from where he was picking up his son Reece, who had been playing football for Luton Town in Sweden.

He was also due to drive to Carlisle for business hours later and had loaded his car with equipment, including a projector, a mini-dvd player, and merchandising materials.

Mr King, 43, said: “You don’t think it’s going to happen to you.

“They just felt the front door handle and they knew it hadn’t been dead-locked.

“All they needed to do was put a screwdriver in the door and they did it so quietly.

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“I came downstairs and saw the front door open, and my first thought was ‘I can’t have shut it last night’.

“Then I opened up my blinds, saw my car wasn’t there, and the penny dropped.”

The thieves did not take any items from the house except the keys, which Mr King had left near the door – which the police advise against doing.

A spokesman said: “Police are investigating two thefts of cars in Royston, which are likely to be linked

“In both cases the thieves broke into the houses and took car keys to then steal the cars.

“There are currently no other linked incidents.”

Hertfordshire Constabulary advises residents to make sure they double lock UPVC doors, check the house is secure, and remove all valuables from vehicles to beat burglars.

Mr King has joined the police in urging residents to be careful.