Therfield mum says thanks for donations which will allow disabled daughter to stand in new wheelchair

Julie Copeland with her daughter, Courtney, 6

Julie Copeland with her daughter, Courtney, 6 - Credit: Archant

A Therfield mum says she is touched that her six-year-old disabled daughter will be able to stand in her new wheelchair after £3,000 was donated through a golfing fundraiser.

The charity golf day went down a storm.

The charity golf day went down a storm. - Credit: Archant

Julie Copeland’s daughter Courtney suffers from spinal muscular atrophy and until recently had a manual wheelchair and needed a carer with her around the clock.

Her condition was diagnosed when she was two years old, at which point Julie gave up work to become her full-time carer.

The Therfield youngster is currently having an electric wheelchair made for her and thanks to a charity golf day organised by a Royston barbers, a standing function will be added to the design, as well as a lock-down system fitted into Julie’s car to secure the chair.

The golf day was arranged by Carlo & Co, formally known as Class Cuts, to celebrate its rebranding.

Julie, who lives in Meadow Way, said: “It’s absolutely fantastic, it’s brilliant what they have done for us.

“In the new wheelchair, she will be able to whizz around standing up. It’s going to change her life so much.

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“It would be amazing seeing her standing.

“She will be able to move around independently and be able to reach for things in the kitchen.”

Julie said her daughter is a ‘happy little girl’ considering her illness and ‘doesn’t get upset’ about it.

The Carlo & Co golf day was attended by 92 golfers, and culminated in a charity auction.

Proceeds were also donated to Prostate Cancer UK.

Barbershop owner Carlo Infanti said: “The response from our inaugural charity golf day was overwhelming. We could have filled this event two or three times over.”