Have you seen missing dog Clodagh from Therfield?

Clodagh has gone missing from Therfield. Picture: Jason Tyrrell

Clodagh has gone missing from Therfield. Picture: Jason Tyrrell

A family based near Therfield are appealing for information which leads to the safe return of their much-loved puppy, who has been missing since the weekend.

Missing Clodagh. Picture: Jason Tyrrell

Missing Clodagh. Picture: Jason Tyrrell

English springer spaniel Clodagh, who is eight months old, was last seen at the Tyrrell family home in Coombe Road - between Therfield village and the A505 - on Sunday afternoon.

Patrick Tyrrell, 18, told the Crow: "My dad Jason is a vet at our equine clinic based at our home, and she goes in and out with him on calls. At about 4pm she went out and five minutes later dad went to look for her, but she was nowhere to be seen.

"We started worrying after 15 to 20 minutes because she usually comes back, so we went out to the fields calling her name.

"Dad reported her lost - he was out most of the afternoon looking for her. We live in a really rural area so there was a lot of running through different fields.

The lost poster for Clodagh.

The lost poster for Clodagh.

"We were trying to shout out as much as possible.

"My mum and sister were away and came back the following day, and as they got closer to home they started putting up posters, but there's still not been any sightings.

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"Normally, Clodagh is good at returning so there is a worry that she has been stolen - it could be someone wanting to breed her or train her as a gun dog.

"We all felt terrible at first, we were really upset - but we've since started the media campaign and we are getting people messaging us. People are behind this wanting it to work.

"The amount of shares we've had has been really positive, so now we feel we have got a chance of getting our dog home.

"She's an unbelivably bouncy dog - she's so lively and loves going on call-outs with my dad. "We had our last dog up until a few months prior to getting Clodagh, and she is good company for my dad when he's out and about. She's not scared of anything.

"If anyone has any information, send a message to the Facebook page. Anything could help, it would be unbelievably helpful and we would be so thankful, we just want our dog back."

If you have information about Clodagh, call Jason on 07860 636143 or go to https://www.facebook.com/Bring-Clodagh-Home-366692593962261/