The ex factor making Royston blogger Kalvin an online star

Kalvin Horabin

Kalvin Horabin - Credit: Archant

He’s Royston’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw, with a few tales to tell about rocky relationships – and, like many great writers, it all began with a broken heart.

Last summer, while feeling sorry for himself after being dumped by a man he’d moved to China for, Kalvin Horabin was looking for a way to get over the all-consuming pain of betrayal.

And as it was 2015, he went online, and started a blog to tell the world how much he was hurting.

The 26-year-old said: “I’d found out he’d had multiple affairs. I was looking for a way to get over it. I thought there must be more people who are suffering.

“There are so many relationship blogs, but they aren’t completely honest and don’t tell the truth.

“I started off telling people my story, about how I went from being completely distraught to picking myself back up again.

“Gradually more people started to relate to it, and now 300 people are reading my posts a day.

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“I have quite a bit of interest from people all over the world – India, Australia and New York.

“It’s all come from half an hour sat feeling sorry for myself.”

As wounds started to heal, Kalvin stopped blogging about his ex, and started writing lighter posts about the trials and tribulations of dating.

He said: “I have stopped writing about my ex, he is part of the past. A lot of people can relate to my blog. If you are single you can’t help feeling a bit bitter.

“It’s the Bridget Jones thing with the smug married couples around you.

“I haven’t been on dates in Royston, it’s a bit small, although I have been on a few dates in Cambridge.”

Many such encounters have been hugely entertaining and not all, he confesses, for the right reasons.

Kalvin who works in the Armadillo Ink tattoo parlour in Kneesworth Street, said: “I went to a Chinese restaurant with someone on one date.

“He put chopsticks up his nose and pretended to be a walrus. He then got one of the chopsticks stuck – it was awful!

“Another asked if we could be together after just one date.

“If you watch Sex and The City you think it’s all made up, that it can’t actually happen in real life, but it’s so often based on true stories.”

Kalvin’s dream has always been to be a writer, and the ambition dates back to when he was as young as three.

He said: “I used to fill notebooks up with my thoughts.

“The all-time ambition would be to have a column.”

You can read more about Kalvin’s hilarious dating tales here.