The Crow takes a star role in new book in book

THE ROYSTON Crow is to come to life in the literary world, and its all thanks to an author from Therfield.

Clive Wiseman, who now lives in Spain, is to release his book Shades Makes Headlines in the summer, which will feature a character called Royston Crow – editor of a the Know It and Crow It newspaper.

The book is a prequel to Shades and the Art of Revenge, which is out now, and is set on a place based on Therfield Heath.

Mr Wiseman, pen name C.S. Wiseman, said: “When I used to live in Therfield, watching and listening to the birds in the garden was fascinating to me, and a massive inspiration.

“The whole area was very important to me. The drop down over the golf course and where the horses run is beautiful. Throughout the books there are references to that, and the farmland running along the A505.

“Setting the book there was perfect, and it made sense to name a character after a town I knew well.”

Shades Makes Headlines features the adventures of a starling named Shades, who is misrepresented in an article. He then discovers the power that editors have, and decides to work on a newspaper.

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“Shades was neglected as a young bird, and ended up getting suspended from school,” said Mr Wiseman, who lived in Therfield from 1992 to 1997.

“After defending his brother in a fight against bullies, he is left tainted by a newspaper, and he relocates to The Heath, which is based on Therfield Heath.

“He then meets Royston Crow, editor of the Know It and Crow It.”

Shades and the Art of Revenge, which is now available for �7.99 on Amazon, is a satire on the world of modern art, and features mentions of a local town, based on Royston.

Mr Wiseman, a former teacher and playwright, said: “Although the town is not specifically mentioned, I mention that there is a local town and a town hall. At the end of each book there is a trial scene which takes place in the loft of the town hall.”

“Shades and the Art of Revenge is about seeing the world at a distance, and has a slight dig at the way human beings have mucked the world up.”

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