Tax payer will no longer fund emptying of Therfield Heath dog bins after council ‘error’

The Conservators will take over the cost over a three year period.

The Conservators will take over the cost over a three year period. - Credit: Archant

After many years of paying for the maintenance of dog waste bins on Therfield Heath, North Hertfordshire District Council has handed over the responsibility to the group that owns and manages it.

The Conservators of Therfield Heath reached an agreement with the council to phase in the costs over the next three years.

Vaughan Watson, NHDC’s head of leisure and environmental services, said: “It has recently come to light that the council has been emptying and maintaining the dog bins on Therfield Heath at no charge.

“This was an error on our part, and we have been holding positive meetings with the conservators about introducing charges for each bin that needs maintaining under a phased approach.

“It is only fair that we do this as the bins are on private land and we have similar charging arrangements for other organisations such as parish councils, who have dog bins on their own land.

“Ultimately it is not in the interest of council tax payers to continue to provide this service at no cost.”

David Smith, clerk to the Conservators of Therfield Heath and Greens, said: “Although Therfield Heath provides so much pleasure for all the residents of North Hertfordshire District Council, it is regrettable it receives no funding of any kind from Royston Town Council or the district or county councils.

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“However the bins will continue to be provided and emptied.” Find out more about the team at