Take your cue - be safe outdoors this summer

AMBULANCE service chiefs are warning the public to take care this summer after a woman sustained serious burns falling on a barbecue.

The Royston woman had to be hospitalised after falling on the lit barbeque last weekend. Paramedics were also called to deal with an incident in Ware in which another woman was burned while attempting to light a barbeque.

Ambulance service spokesman Gary Sanderson said: “Having a barbecue should be a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, but cooking over hot coals can be hazardous. Please take care, because the consequences of not paying attention to a few simple safety rules could end in a trip to your local A&E department or even a journey to a specialist burns unit.”

The service are urging would-be Heston Blumenthal’s to think before they cook, and ensure their barbecue is in good working order. They also advise not to try cooking when under the influence of alcohol.

Gary added: “We are not trying to deter the public to enjoy themselves, but to take heed of a few simple safety tips that will ensure a safe and enjoyable barbecue.”