‘Tackling speeding will be a top priority in Royston’

Guy Westwood, Sergeant for the Safer Neighbourhoods team.

Guy Westwood, Sergeant for the Safer Neighbourhoods team. - Credit: Ila Desai

The police officer responsible for making neighbourhoods safer in Royston says speeding is one of his priorities for 2015 after the Crow published a letter from a concerned member of public.

In the letter, A.W. Ward of Gower Road expressed fears speeding had got worse in the town, despite promises by Hertfordshire’s police and crime commissioner David Lloyd that he would tackle the issue.

One concern highlighted was speeding on Old North Road, which has a 30mph limit.

Royston Safer Neighbourhood Team Sgt Guy Westwood said: “I would like to assure A.W. Ward that we do take speeding in Royston seriously.

“Indeed, based on the level of concern regarding speeding in the town, I intend to make tackling the offence one of our local priorities for 2015.

“We are aware a few drivers do speed on Old North Road and are monitoring the route to see if any further work needs to be undertaken here.”

He added that different branches of the police carry out speed enforcement operations around the town and keep an eye on areas of concern.

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Town and district councillor for the Palace ward, Benjamin Lewis, said a previous survey he conducted in Royston showed many people were worried about speeding.

He said: “I completed a survey in February in 2014 targeting speeding as a key issue.

“I received a positive response with many residents voicing concern.

“In particular, there was a call for potentially introducing a 20mph limit outside Roysia Middle School and Roman Way First School.

“I had a brilliant conversation with a Barkway Road resident about her concerns over recent events and we will hopefully be introducing a speed awareness survey in association with the police.

“I received a mixed response with regards to speeding concerns from Palace ward residents.

“If there was a demand for a survey, I would enthusiastically oblige.”

If you would like contact Sgt Westwood with further concerns about speeding, you can call him on 101.

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