Survey reveals votes are still up for grabs in Hertfordshire as general elections looms

Many votes are still up for grabs ahead of the general election on May 7.

Many votes are still up for grabs ahead of the general election on May 7. - Credit: Archant

With just over three weeks until voters go to the polls, a significant number of people in Herts have yet to make up their minds.

Have you taken part in our general election survey?

Have you taken part in our general election survey? - Credit: Archant

The Royston Crow has been asking for readers views as the general election draws closer, with a quarter of those to take part in our online questionnaire revealing that their vote can still be swayed.

The survey also reveals that 37 per cent expect to vote differently to the last election in 2010.

We asked visitors to our website a handful of key questions about the election, their vote and issues that matter to them and some 247 people have responded so far.

While 42 per cent said they were absolutely certain who they’d vote for, 18 per cent said they ‘had an idea but my vote is still up for grabs’ and eight per cent that their ‘vote is definitely up for grabs’.

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Those 26 per cent of currently unsure votes could become crucial on May 7 to determine which parties win, particularly in marginal seats such as Stevenage which has had both Conservative and Labour MPs in the past decade.

Only 26 per cent said they believed the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government has had a positive impact on their life since 2010, while 47 per cent said it had had a ‘negative’ impact.

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The figures suggest prospective MPs need to do more out on the streets of the region, with just 13 per cent saying they had received a visit from a candidate, although 88 per cent did at least say they knew who their MP was.

When asked what issue mattered to them most, immigration came out on top with 21 per cent, followed by economy at 20 per cent and health with 16 per cent of the vote.

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