Appeal to help critically ill Lister patients see sky

Outside Lister Hospital in Stevenage

The plans include creating a rooftop garden balcony so intensive care patients at Lister Hospital, Stevenage, can go outside - Credit: East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

An ambitious appeal has been launched to raise £380,000 for a project which will allow intensive care unit patients at Stevenage's Lister Hospital to go outside.

The East and North Hertfordshire NHS Hospitals' Charity has launched The Sunshine Appeal to raise the money needed to provide an outside terrace so patients in Lister's intensive care unit can be pushed outside in their beds to see the sky.

The appeal will also fund a deck and garden area outside Lister's restaurant, for staff, patients and visitors to enjoy a break outside in the open air.

Critical care consultant Kate Flavin said: “During the peak of the pandemic, we saw how patients in intensive care responded well to feeling fresh air on their face and seeing the moving sky, instead of ceiling panels.

“Currently we can push beds out onto a rooftop area but it isn’t very easy and requires an experienced doctor and nurse, lots of equipment and fine weather! Although the area is safe, it was not designed for patient use and it doesn’t look very attractive.

“A new rooftop garden balcony will allow us to move patients in their beds, with all the necessary equipment, out into the open air.

"We want to create a beautiful space in which patients can feel fresh air, see the sky and have some time away from the machines and bright lights of the wards. The sad fact is, in some cases, it may be the last time they get to see the sky.”

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The restaurant garden area will provide staff, patients and visitors with the positive health benefits of fresh air and sunlight to boost physical and mental wellbeing.

Eloise Huddleston, head of the charity, said: “We all know the value of spending time outside, so we hope you will help us transform these areas into spaces that will benefit us all."

Can you help bring sunshine into the lives of patients, staff and visitors at Lister? Visit to donate.

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