‘State of Royston High Street is a hazard that’s putting people off visiting’

Nick White is concerned about the state of Royston High Street.

Nick White is concerned about the state of Royston High Street. - Credit: Archant

A plumber who is sick of the dangerous state of Royston High Street has spoken of his concern that the pavement is ‘breaking up at an increasingly rapid rate.’

Nick White says the state of the High Street is so bad that he knows of people who do not visit it any more for fear of tripping.

In one instance, a lady was tipped out of her mobility scooter after getting a wheel stuck in one of the holes.

He said: “It’s clear that most of the High Street pavement needs replacing but my main concern is getting the surfaces safe to walk on now – not in three years time or however long it takes for various people in authority to have countless meetings while people are tripping and being injured.

“I have highlighted this issue on Facebook and Streetlife and many people are deeply concerned about the dangerous surface.

“I and others are prepared to take direct action in publicly highlighting this issue. I call upon Herts County Council to get the road/pavement made safe within the next few weeks.”

Councillor FIona Hill, who represents the town at County Hall, said she, along with other councillors and the MP Sir Oliver Heald, are pushing hard for proposals to solve the problem.

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She said: “In spring of last year, work was carried out on Royston High Street/John Street to improve the condition of the road and footpath. Unfortunately, this area has again deteriorated due to heavy vehicle usage.

“Myself and Councillor Tony Hunter and Sir Oliver held a site meeting with highways officers, the chief executive of North Herts District Council and members of the Women’s Institute to identify the main problems.

“We are currently in discussions with officers who are looking at options of how to resolve the problems. We are also trying to identify a scheme and funding for a long term solution.

“In the meantime, any dangerous defects should be reported immediately and these will be repaired as a matter of urgency.

“Any accident is of great concern to us and we are anxious to find a solution as soon as possible.”

Nick can be contacted at nickplumberwhite@gmail.com.