Speed limits to reduce on major roads

THE speed limit on two of the most prominent roads in Crow country is to be reduced due to its high number of accidents.

It was confirmed by Cambridgeshire County Council this week that the A505 junction at Flint Cross would change from 60mph to 50mph, as would the Frog End junction on the A10 near Shepreth.

There were no objections from local residents after a public consultation was launched towards the end of 2010.

The 50mph speed limit signs at Flint Cross were erected in November, though they were immediately spray-painted out because the consultation needed to be completed.

The new Frog End limitations will extend northwards all the way to the Foxton Level Crossing, incorporating the junctions leading to Shepreth and Foxton.

Susan van de Ven, county councillor for the area who had lobbied for the limit to be reduced, welcomed the changes but warned a change in speeding problems would not be immediate

“These changes are very welcome. We are now awaiting information from County Highways on when the restriction signage will be in place.

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“Creating safer environments at all of these A-road junctions involves a number of factors, and it has to be said that speed limit reduction signage alone cannot be expected to create a transformation. But it is one factor that, hopefully, will make some difference.”

A Cambridgeshire County Council spokesperson said: “We can confirm the junctions at Flint Cross and Frog End have had speed limit reductions as part of safety improvement schemes.

“These were advertised at the back end of last year and there were no objections received, so they will now be introduced.

“It is for safety improvement, which indicates the accident level and near misses, were too high.”

The A10 junction has had several high profile accidents in recent years, most notably last April when a driver smashed his tanker through the level crossing barriers and into the path of an oncoming train.