Partygate is a kick in the teeth for South Cambs residents, says Lib Dem candidate

Pippa Heylings is the Liberal Democrats parliamentary candidate for South Cambridgeshire. 

Pippa Heylings is the Liberal Democrats parliamentary candidate for South Cambridgeshire. - Credit: South Cambs Lib Dems

The parliamentary candidate for South Cambridgeshire has called on Conservative MP Anthony Browne to denounce the Downing Street garden party, adding "enough is enough".

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is fighting for his political life, after it was revealed that another party took place during lockdown at number 10. And his admission yesterday that he attended the 'bring your own booze' event for "25 minutes" comes after weeks of denying knowledge of any parties at Downing Street. 

The new Liberal Democrat candidate for South Cambridgeshire is Pippa Heylings. The party came second in the 2019 General Election.

She told the Crow: “Enough is enough. I have already received a flurry of messages from local people who are rightly distraught and furious about this.

“Like many elderly people in hospital and care homes, my mum suffered terribly from social isolation, prevented from seeing her loved ones because of lockdown rules.

Pippa Heylings with her mum in a care home

Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Pippa Heylings said her mum suffered terribly from social isolation during lockdown, like so many others in care homes and hospitals. - Credit: Pippa Heylings

“Anthony Browne, the local Conservative MP, must denounce the actions of Boris Johnson and illegal Downing Street parties which took place in the middle of a national lockdown. 

"It is a kick in the teeth for everyone in South Cambridgeshire who has sacrificed so much during the pandemic, from those who weren't able to visit loved ones in hospital to nurses left wearing bin bags as PPE."

Anthony Browne's majority at the 2019 election was 2,904 - slashed from over 15,000 in 2017 when then MP Heidi Allen was re-elected. 

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Ms Heylings added: “South Cambridgeshire will be a close two horse race between a hard working local Liberal Democrat team and a Conservative party that acts as if there is one rule for us and one for them.

"So many people are bitterly disappointed with the constant sleaze and scandal coming out of Downing Street. Our residents deserve better.” 

Yesterday, Mr Browne said he understood and shared significant concern about the drinks party, however he said we should wait for the outcome of the investigation by civil servant Sue Gray.

He said: "I’m glad to see the Prime Minister explain and apologise for events within Number 10, and to take personal responsibility for them. It goes without saying that those who make rules need to abide by them.

“While the Prime Minister’s repeated apologies go some way towards easing my exasperation at these events, which I know is shared by many constituents, we are also in the middle of a formal investigation into a number of events at Number 10.

"It is frustrating, but we must await the outcome of that process. I expect the Prime Minister to show leadership in this matter and to continue to cooperate with all enquires.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a press conference in London's Downing Street after ministers me

Boris Johnson has apologised for how the Downing Street garden event looked to the millions of us who were following the rules at home. - Credit: Adrian Dennis/PA Wire

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the event in question was technically in the rules and it appeared to him to be a work do. 

The Crow approached Mr Browne regarding Ms Heylings' comments. 

He said: “I am not surprised that a Liberal Democrat councillor, who knows full well that I have made my frustration at the events in Downing Street clear, would want all attention focused away from the Liberal Democrats' green-belt destroying busways, unfair congestion charges and enormous housebuilding agenda.

"As I have said before, those who make rules need to abide by them, and I have reiterated my concerns online, in print and on the radio.

"As I await the findings of the investigations, which have not yet concluded, I will continue to fight the damaging and unsustainable plans hanging over the heads of our residents.”

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