South Cambs election details announced

DETAILS of candidates to run for office in South Cambridgeshire’s district and parish elections have been announced.

Contested districts in Crow country include Fowlmere and Foxton, Orwell and Barrington and The Abingtons, with one councillor to be elected in each.

Constituents will also be asked to vote on the referendum for the alternative vote policy, which could come in instead of the current first past the post system.

120 polling stations will be open at 105 locations across the district of South

Cambridgeshire between 7am and 10pm. Visit for details of your polling station.

South Cambridgeshire District Council elections

One seat available in each district

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Fowlmere and Foxton

Mark Howard – The Conservative Party

Angela Patrick – The Labour Party

Colin Reynolds – The Green Party

Deborah Roberts – Independent

Orwell and Barrington

Susan Hailes – The Labour Party

Anabela Pinto – Liberal Democrats

Ted Ridgway Watt – The Conservative Party

The Abingdons

Tony Orgee – The Conservative Party

Gill Taylor – The Labour Party

Parish council elections will also take place in South Cambs. Between five and nine councillors will be elected to the parish councils in Barrington, Fowlmere, Foxton, Great Abington, Little Abington, Orwell and Wimpole.

In Barrington the candidates are Laura Cooper, Frances Day, Tony Fletcher, Judy Hardman, Michael Monk, Sheila Potter, Aiden van der Weyer and David Whybrow.

Fowlmere’s candidates are Elaine O’Regan, Janice Peacock, Deborah Roberts, Mike Sunderland, Nicola Webb and Lawrence Wragg.

The Foxton candidates will be Geoffrey Barnes, Malcolm Bore, Liam Elliot, Colin Grindley, Rachel Macintyre, Ron McCreery, Christine McFadzean, Nigel Oakley and Peter Sutton.

Great Abington will be contested by Gaynor Farrant, David Hefford, Dennis Mynott, Sally Smith, Bernie Talbot and Pennie Zimmern.

Little Abington will be between Peter Brunning, Bob Chesham, John Ellis, Roslyn Hedge. Christopher Nutt and Graham Wigley.

Orwell’s candidates are James Grant, Colin Hoptroff, Michael Kenyon, Steve Sparkes, Wayne Talbot and Nigel Whittingham.

The Wimpole candidates are Nick Everington, Don Hollands, Richard Hoole, Steve Odell and Richard Robinson.