Labour candidate for South Cambs Dan Greef on why you should vote for him in the General Election

South Cambridgeshire Labour candidate Dan Greef. Picture: Steven Creamer Photography

South Cambridgeshire Labour candidate Dan Greef. Picture: Steven Creamer Photography - Credit: Archant

Dan Greef, the Labour parliamentary candidate for South Cambridgeshire, has explained in his own words why you should vote for him in the 2019 General Election.

I'm Dan Greef, your Labour parliamentary candidate for South Cambs.

I teach special needs in South Cambridgeshire, and I also run my own business. My wife is a doctor at Addenbrooke's, and we have two children.

This is my third time standing for Labour in South Cambs. We came a strong second in the last two general elections in this area, increasing our vote share by 17 per cent since 2010, the largest increase of any party.

The gains that we have made, and the team we have built in South Cambs means that at this election we can win.

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Brexit is one of the big issues at this election. The first action of a Labour government will be to give the British people a final say on whether to remain in the EU.

Only Labour can form a government to take over from the Tories. A "People's Vote" from a Labour government is the only way that Brexit can be stopped. I have always been a strong supporter of "Remain", and will continue to be a strong voice in the campaign to remain in the EU.

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This country has suffered from nine years of severe cuts that have had a huge impact on peoples' lives.

Our schools are so underfunded that some have to close early on Fridays. Labour will fairly fund all schools, open over 1,000 new Sure Start centres for young families, abolish university tuition fees and give adults the opportunity to retrain for free.

This election will decide the fate of the NHS. October of this year we saw the worst ever A&E performance figures. The target for patients starting treatment after being diagnosed with cancer has not been achieved since December 2015.

Labour will properly fund our NHS to repair the damage that has been done.

Finally, on the environment, Labour is leading the way by committing to zero carbon emissions by 2030, which matches the Green Party's target.

For a People's Vote, for our environment, for our NHS & schools, I hope that you will consider voting Labour on Thursday December 12.

I'm happy to be contacted at if anyone has any questions for me.

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