Sonic boom causes mystery “explosion” noise

A LOUD bang heard in Crow country earlier today was a sonic boom caused by a jet aircraft.

Residents of Royston and the surrounding villages heard the loud noise at 11.40am this morning, with many people contacting The Crow to report an “explosion”.

However, Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service explained: “Fire control have received several calls relating to loud explosions.

“This has been confirmed by National Air Traffic Control as a ‘sonic boom’ caused by a jet breaking the sound barrier.”

The bang was heard throughout Hertfordshire, as well as in Essex and parts of Cambridgeshire.

A sonic boom is caused when an aircraft breaks through the sound barrier. It is thought the plane was an RAF Typhoon on a training exercise.

Harriett Kelsall tweeted The Crow: “We’re up in Kelshall and the ground shook!”

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And Royston resident Karl Fry tweeted: “The whole house moved”.