So many highs and lows: Giant tea cosy taken, returned, destroyed, tossed onto bank then returned to Royston landmark

Laura Walker and Super Scotty

Laura Walker and Super Scotty - Credit: Archant

A Royston woman has spoken of her roller coaster week after a crochet net to decorate a major landmark in the town has been hidden, destroyed by vandals, then rescued by friendly volunteers.

Anne Walls and Laura Whitford, with their giant tea cosy on the Roy Stone in Royston

Anne Walls and Laura Whitford, with their giant tea cosy on the Roy Stone in Royston - Credit: Archant

The colourful netting, put on the Royse Stone in an act known as yarn bombing, took a week to make and was created to celebrate Royston Craft Fair this weekend.

Laura Whitford and Anne Walls thought it would be a nice way to decorate the town, but were crushed when Laura’s husband David discovered cosies that had been draped over matching bollards had been ripped up and scattered in trees yesterday morning – and the giant stone cover had gone.

After a street cleaner helped Laura retrieve the remnants from the tree, she looked up and saw the rest of the crochet had been tossed on the roof of NatWest bank.

She went into the Jolly Postie pub to ask for a ladder, and associate ‘super’ Scotty and assistant manager Laura Walker came to the rescue, retrieving the abandoned net.

Laura has no idea who the vandals are and is disappointed by their careless behaviour, but she is overwhelmed by the support from other members of the community.

She said: “A lot of people have just been so lovely and supportive.” Asked if she’s had her faith restored in the people of Royston, she added: “I don’t need my faith restored.

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“I’ve lived all over Hertfordshire and it’s honestly one of the nicest places, everyone works together and supports each other.

“I just hope people come to the fair after all this grief.”

Royston Craft Fair will be held on Saturday from 10am in Royston Town Hall.