Smokers in Ashwell given help to quit

SMOKERS in Ashwell were given special help to kick their habit on No Smoking Day this week.

Addicts were given free heath checks and individual quit-plans by the village pharmacy to mark the national day on Wednesday (March 9).

Pharmacist Brain Deal said he expected No Smoking Day to see a rise in people wanting to pack up.

“All they did is walk in through our door and were there to assist them with all the help and encouragement they needed,” he said.

“They were given a private consultation where they can plan with us how to tackle their craving on a daily basis.

He added that as well as No Smoking Day, spring seemed to spark a fresh urge to quit.

“Smokers might be feeling guilty about breaking that New Year resolution and see spring as the time to renew themselves, to get fit, maybe lose weight and generally follow a healthier lifestyle.

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“Quitting is often easier said than done with people trying an average of five times before they are successful, the cravings can leave you irritable, depressed and restless – so additional guidance can be essential.”