Shop staff cordon off part of street after lorry pulls out paving slab in Royston High Street

The lorry pulled out a paving slab.

The lorry pulled out a paving slab. - Credit: Archant

A shop manager in Royston is urging drivers to be cautious in the High Street after witnessing a lorry knock over a pole, dragging up the paving slab beneath.

Lisa Thompson, of Stationery Cupboard, put cones and hazard tape up to make the site safe for pedestrians after the incident earlier today just outside M-Viron.

Lisa is worried about the frequency of incidents of this nature, as she sees about ‘one a week’ from her shop window.

She said: “The lorry came at the wrong angle, then reversed back, pulling up the post. It was really dangerous.

“The corner is a nightmare. I don’t know what the solution is.

“People also have to stop parking on that corner. I had a meeting with county councillor Fiona Hill, something needs to be done. We have deliveries, all the shops do. Maybe they could restrict the time lorries come into the High Street.

“The county council are trying to do what they can, a lot is down to budgets and funding.”