Shooting ground misses out on London 2012 Olympic Games

A SHOOTING ground earmarked as an Olympic training site was not used by any athletes, although Team GB’s gold medallist did visit before the games.

Nuthampstead Shooting Ground was put forward by the London Organising Committee Pre-Games Training Camp Guide for international marksmen but the temporary Woolwich Facility, where the events were held, was opened up before the games to allow athletes to practice.

Peter Wilson, who secured gold in the double trap clay pigeon shooting, did visit the ground as he is a friend of the club.

Owner Martin Barker, who has coached Team GB, Scotland and the Isle of Man, said: “I didn’t expect teams really. The only person who came up in the last month was Peter (Wilson). But he got his training done down in London and it did the job.

“I have always said there would not be a great deal of interest if you could train on the Olympic ground. If you put it in perspective the athletics team were training out in Portugal. In the world of shooting, if you have the chance to go on the range which you are going to use, that is where you are going to go.”