Shepreth emu Marge finds new home with plenty of company after death of pal

Shepreth Wildlife Park's emu Marge has a new home. Picture: SWP 

Shepreth Wildlife Park's emu Marge, right, has a new home. Picture: SWP - Credit: SWP

Shepreth Wildlife Park's last emu has gone to a new home - where there are plenty of lady emus to make friends with.

Male emu Marge was on his own at Shepreth after his enclosure-mate Homer sadly passed away last year.

Staff took to their Facebook page to announce that Marge had moved on to a private collection.

They said: "For those of you who may be wondering about the whereabouts of our emu, we thought we'd provide you all with a little update!

"Sadly, our long-time resident emu, Homer, passed away late last year due to age related illnesses. This left his enclosure mate, Marge - also a male - all by himself.

"Since emus prefer the company of other emus, we set out to find a new home for Marge and after weeks of searching, we found a lovely private collection nearby that was willing to take him in, to mix with their females.

"The move went well and Marge is settling in nicely to his new home, here he is pictured with his new lady neighbours that he'll be sharing an enclosure with shortly!

"For everyone that has enjoyed visiting our emus over the years, we hope that this has brought you some peace, knowing that Marge is with lots of others in a lovely big paddock not too far away!

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"Our keepers at the park are certainly happy we were able to find such a lovely new home for him!"

The park - in Station Road - reopened on April 12, in accordance with the government lockdown restrictions easing. To attend, you must prebook tickets online. 

There is also an upcoming Zoo(m) yoga session, where experienced yoga instructor, Katya, will be giving a 45-minute yoga session over Zoom with a 'unique wildlife park twist'.

Following the virtual workout session is the chance to relax and unwind with keeper, Alice, who will introduce some of Shepreth's special animal favourites up-close on a 20-minute virtual zoo tour.

It takes place on May 5 at 6.30pm - the cost is £15 per household and the funds will go towards caring for the animals during the pandemic. 

For more information on booking tickets to attend the park, and the yoga session, go to