Could you give these pets a home?

Seven pets are looking for new homes this winter.

Seven pets are looking for new homes this winter. - Credit: Wood Green Shelter

Seven pets from Wood Green Animal Shelter are looking for new homes this Christmas. 

Wood Green animal shelter in Godmanchester is the is one of the largest rehoming centres in Europe and is also the filming location for Channel 4’s ‘The Dog House.’ 

Thousands of pets are rehomed every year and up to 500 pets can be in their care at any one time.

Wood Green relies on donations from the public that help support their work. 

The shelter currently houses up to 80 dogs and 87 cats, with these being the popular animal to foster.  

Rocky, Suzy, Bella, Sunny, Buttercup, Smudge and Summer are all looking for new homes. 

Rocky is looking for a new home

Rocky is looking for a new home - Credit: Wood Green Shelter

Meet Rocky:

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This lovely man is Rocky, he is nervous to begin with but has lots of love to give once he has had time to get to know you.

He can get very bouncy and excitable at times and has a heart of gold. He loves to snuggle up with you on the sofa. As he is a sensitive boy, it may take him longer to feel settled and comfortable in his new home. 

  • Breed Mongrel 

  • Cross Breed No 

  • Age/DOB 8 years 3 months 

  • Gender Male 

  • Size Small 

  • Colour Tan 

Smudge is looking for a new home

Smudge is looking for a new home - Credit: Wood Green Shelter

Meet Smudge:  

Smudge is a lovely boy, who came in needing surgery on his hip. He has now recovered, and is relaxing in one of our foster homes while he waits to find his new family. Smudge is a lap cat, and is affectionate with his fosterer. He loves his food, and tasty treats are an easy way to make friends with him. 

Breed Domestic 

  • Cross Breed No 

  • Age/DOB 2 years 7 months 

  • Gender Male 

  • Size Medium 

  • Colour Grey Tabby/White 

Summer is looking for a new home.

Summer is looking for a new home. - Credit: Wood Green Shelter

Summer is a nervous girl who will need patient and understanding owners.

Summer will need a calm and quiet home with adults only where she will be the only pet in the home, She will need her own area where she can have lots of hiding areas where she can feel safe. 

  • Breed Domestic 

  • Cross Breed No 

  • Age/DOB 9 years 6 months 

  • Gender Female 

  • Size Medium 

  • Colour Tabby Tortie White 

Sunny is looking for a new home

Sunny is looking for a new home - Credit: Wood Green Shelter

Meet Sunny:

Sunny, Gemini and their castrated male companion Vol, are all looking for their forever home together. They are a friendly, active group who are looking for a large cage with lots of toys for them to explore and some comfy places to sleep together in. 

  • Breed Fancy 

  • Cross Breed No 

  • Age/DOB 9 months 

  • Gender Female 

  • Size Medium 

Buttercup is looking for a new home

Buttercup is looking for a new home - Credit: Wood Green Shelter

Meet Buttercup:

Buttercup is a beautiful chocolate lop looking for her forever home with Tiddles.

Buttercup is the more timid of the two but with love and affection she soon gets to know you and loves a stroke.

She especially loves her forage. With Tiddles being a slightly larger rabbit, they are looking for an outdoor home consisting of a shed attached to a large secure run. 

  • Breed Dwarf Lop 

  • Cross Breed No 

  • Age/DOB 2 years 2 months 

  • Gender Female 

  • Size Unknown 

  • Colour Chocolate 

Bella is looking for a new home this winter

Bella is looking for a new home this winter - Credit: Archant

Meet Bella:

Bella is a gorgeous lady who is looking for her forever home. 
As you can see from her photos she loves to lounge about the house in various places, such as on her bed snoozing, sun bathing in the garden or looking out the window at the world going by. 

  • Breed Lurcher 

  • Cross Breed No 

  • Age/DOB 6 years 7 months 

  • Gender Female 

  • Size Medium 

  • Colour White/Tan 

Suzy is looking for a new home

Suzy is looking for a new home - Credit: Wood Green Shelter

Meet Suzy:

Suzy is a wonderful older lady that is looking for a loving family to spend her retirement years with. 
She does like the sound of her own voice and may bark when she wants something or at people because she wants them to say hi to her. 

  • Breed Terrier (Staffordshire Bull) 

  • Cross Breed Yes 

  • Age/DOB 10 years 

  • Gender Female 

  • Size Small 

  • Colour Brindle White 

Natalie who overseas the rehoming element at Wood Green spoke about the challenges that they face as an organisation to get animals rehomed.

Natalie said: "Every pet gets checked within the first 48 hours that we receive them and then have a bit of a write up which has behaviour information and medical information, we then go out and look for the right homes for these animals. 

“There is a huge variety of reasons why pets are handed into us, it could be lifestyle based reasons such as they are moving house and can’t take the pets with them or there might have been a relationship break down."

Natalie also stressed it's really important that people take the time to consider whether they can care for a pet.

Natalie said: “If anyone is interested in getting a pet of any description from anywhere, my top advice is to do your research. 

“Really consider the pet that you feel is going to be best suited to you and understand what that pet is going to need."

If you are interested in adopting a pet go to: 

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