Serial fare avoider prosecuted

A MAN who along with his brother has notched up over 100 offences for ticketless rail travel has been prosecuted.

William Jacey, 20, of Brampton Road, Royston, was arrested yesterday (Thursday) morning for twice failing to answer a summons to appear at a court.

His original charge was for travelling without a ticket between Royston and Letchworth Garden City on October 22.

He failed to appear at Watford Magistrates Court on both February 28 and March 28.

After his arrest, he pleaded guilty at Hatfield Magistrates Court and was sentenced to a six week prison sentence, suspended for one year, 36 hours at an attendance centre, six month supervision order with the probation service and a two month long curfew to remain at his home between the hours of 7pm and 7am.

Between William and his older brother Edward, a total of 103 offences of ticketless travel have been recorded.

Edward Jacey is currently serving a 28 day prison sentence for breaching an ASBO whereby he is not allowed to set foot on any London Underground Station.

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Mark Smith, prosecutions manager for First Capital Connect trains, said: “Fare evasion is a major problem which takes money out of the industry that could be reinvested. Our fare paying passengers should not subsidise those without tickets.

“With regard to this case we welcome the judgement of Hatifeld Magistrates Court.”