Secondary school allocation stats revealed

OVER 95 per cent of children in Hertfordshire were allocated a place at one of their three preferred secondary schools, according to Herts County Council (HCC).

Almost 12,000 of the county’s children were given one of their choices, 95.65 per cent, which is an increase on last year’s figure of 95.48 per cent.

Over 10,000 Hertfordshire children, 81 per cent, have gained a place at their first ranked school.

Richard Thake, executive member for education and skills, said: “Moving on to secondary school is an important step and we work extremely hard to make the allocation process smooth and straightforward. We want to ensure that as many children as possible get a place at one of their ranked schools.

“We all want the best possible education for children in Hertfordshire and the county has excellent schools. I do appreciate that some parents may be disappointed with the school they have been allocated, but would encourage them to visit the school and speak to the headteacher before dismissing the offered place. They may be pleasantly surprised by what they see.”

But Herts Liberal Democrat education spokesman Mark Watkin said the statistics were misleading.

He claims that almost 2,270 children did not get any school of their choice, and that 500 of those did not get any of their choices.

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He also accused HCC of failing to improve on last year.

“This feels like deja vu. The County Council needs to remember that this is about children, children that have been in their education system for the last 7 years,” he said.

“The county fails on this year after year.”

Was your child given one of their choices, or have they been given a school they didn’t want?

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