School celebrating marks!

A ROYSTON school has been awarded for its hard work with impressive results in its Ofsted inspection.

The national inspectorates visited Roysia School at the end of last term, and recognised the outstanding levels it reached throughout the year.

The overall judgment read: “Roysia is a good school that achieves good, and some outstanding, outcomes for it pupils.

“High quality teaching us based on strong relationships, lively and skilful delivery and systematic assessments of pupils’ progess.”

Headteacher Peter Fielden, who was absent from the school during the majority of the inspection, said: “The inspectors recognised the hard work, dedication, involvement and commitment of the pupils, parents, carers and staff of Roysia and the very good progress pupils make during the four years they are with us.”

Deputy Headteacher Zoe Linington, who led the school through the inspection in Mr Fielden’s absence, said: “We are all thrilled that Ofsted have, once again, recognised all the good and outstanding work that is done at Roysia.

“The support from parents and carers in their overwhelmingly positive responses to the inspection questionnaire has been appreciated by all Roysia staff.”

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Roysia achieved an overall ‘good’ rating, with some elements given the highest level, ‘outstanding.’

Representatives of the school’s student council spoke in glowing terms about the school, with Ellie Back from year seven saying: “The teachers will help you in any subject, and they are all very caring.”

Conor Inwood, a year five student, said: “We always get lots of encouraging and we always give our best.”

Year eight’s Lauren Sorrell said: “The best thing about the school is making friends and getting help from the nice teachers.”

Jake Brightman, year six, said: “The school is fantastic for ICT and maths. I love it!”

Year eight student McKenzie Harris said: “The school is more like a family, and we get everything explained in detail.”

Alexandre Turlais from year five said: “No matter what marks they gave Roysia, I think it’s the best school in Hertfordshire.”