In pictures: Scarecrows take over village in weekend festival

A scarecrow is on a deckchair, holding an ice cream. A sign: "Costa del Chrishall"

Costa del Chrishall: This scarecrow wasn't dressed for the weather. - Credit: Karyn Haddon

Peter Pan and a wicked witch made appearances at a scarecrow competition on Sunday (June 27).

Scarecrows took over gardens throughout Chrishall for a second summer running to raise money for Holy Trinity Church in the village.

A tall scarecrow dressed as a witch. It holds a wooden broom.

Chrishall Scarecrow Festival. - Credit: Karyn Haddon

The Chrishall Scarecrow Festival began last summer under Covid-19 restrictions.

Visitors and entrants to this year's instalment raised more than £500 for Holy Trinity.

Organiser Laurence Brett said: "Everyone had a good laugh, although the weather could have been kinder!

"It was a great way of getting the community out and back together."

As well as a wicked witch, there was an environmentally conscious scarecrow encouraging visitors not to drop litter.

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Two teams won prizes for their efforts: Grandad Johnny and the Three Little Pigs.

Laurence said: "It is something we would like to repeat, so get thinking about your entries and team names for next year's festival!"

A scarecrow made out of litter. A sign: "Don't be a litterbug"

"Don't be a litterbug". - Credit: Karyn Haddon

Two scarecrows dressed as sailors are in a paper boat.

Rising Tide at Chrishall Scarecrow Festival. - Credit: Karyn Haddon

A hole in the ground. Trousers and yellow welly boots stick out the top. It looks like a scarecrow has fallen in!

Whoops! - Credit: Karyn Haddon

Two stick-man scarecrows in a picnic area.

Chrishall Scarecrow Festival. - Credit: Karyn Haddon

A plump scarecrow looks as if he's about to have a day on the beach

Chrishall Scarecrow Festival. - Credit: Karyn Haddon