Sandon pupils enjoy history project trip to village farm

Sandon JMI School pupils at Sandon Bury. Picture: Sandon JMI

Sandon JMI School pupils at Sandon Bury. Picture: Sandon JMI

Sandon schoolchildren have visited a farm in the village as part of their local history and geography project.

The Sandon JMI School pupils’ morning began in a field at the back of the school, where the youngsters stepped back into a time long ago.

They discussed having to leave their old settlement in search of new land and safety and talked about the essentials for life and were advised to look for high ground, ponds for water, woodland, land to graze their animals upon, sow their seeds and find protection.

They arrived at Sandon Bury Farm where they were offered a dwelling place in return for their skills to run the farm. The children had a tour of the grounds and discussed the materials used to build the house.

The children were enthralled and asked many questions. The session ended with the children becoming a human time line, dressing up in head gear to represent people within the feudal system and their modern-day equivalent.

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A school spokeswoman said: “We would like to thank project leader and local historian, Janice Darton, for spending her time producing such an enriching opportunity.”

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