Running goals see children thriving in Chrishall

Pupils at the school taking part in the mile in Chrishall.

Pupils at the school taking part in the mile in Chrishall. - Credit: Archant

The headteacher at a school in Chrishall has come up with a way to keep schoolchildren fit with a daily running initiative.

Tracey Bratley from Chrishall Holy Trinity and St Nicholas Aided Primary School set pupils the challenge of running a mile a day, and she’s already seeing the positive benefits of the initiative.

She said: “Children and staff embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and determination. I am delighted to say that daily running sessions have now become routine practice for all our children.

“Throughout the day, children have two running periods, both of which are chosen at appropriate times by the class teacher – typically when a ‘brain break’ is needed or in between lessons.

“Children have calculated that they need to run a total of 20 laps around the playground to achieve the mile target.”

Children have been asked what they think of the run regime, and they say that after a break they feel they are able to concentrate more and believe they are more ready to learn as they have a renewed burst of energy.