Royston woman who lost two cats to speeding speaks out to tackle problem

Sareena Boyd, Arthur Boyd, Hannah Boyd and Tracie Holland at Coronation Avenue in Royston

Sareena Boyd, Arthur Boyd, Hannah Boyd and Tracie Holland at Coronation Avenue in Royston - Credit: Archant

A Royston woman, who has lost two cats to dangerous driving on her street, is hoping that Herts County Council take urgent action to stop the problem.

Sareena Boyd, who lives in Coronation Avenue, has decided not to let her remaining three cats out, even though they are ‘ripping up the carpet’ as she is worried they will suffer the same fate.

The mother of six, who is considering going out to film speeders to catch the culprits in action, said this week: “It’s just about having respect for other people.

“We have a two-year-old and my partner is in the middle of putting a fence up to make it safer for the children.

“They use our road as they want to avoid going through the town centre and use it as a shortcut to the A10.

“At the end of the day, slowing down is only going to take a couple of minutes.

“It’s not fair that some drivers are so disrespectful.”

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Sareena’s neighbour Tracie Holland set up a petition on the county council website, which at the time of going to press had 58 signatures, to enforce safety measures along Briary Lane, Coronation Avenue and Sun Hill, and closed yesterday.

The petition states that the roads are used as ‘rat runs’ and need calming.

The decision on how to tackle the issue has split members of the public – another petition, calling for the county council to reject the call-out for speed bumps, was put forward in January, and is now closed with a total of five signatures.

The petition was set up to ‘reject the call for speed humps in Briary Lane, Royston on the ground that they do not reduce speeds but increase noise and pollution.’

Councillor Fiona Hill, who represents Royston at County Hall, said: “The next step will be speed checks, funded through my Highways Locality Budget. After this, we will know what further action is appropriate.”

You can support Tracie’s campaign by joining the Facebook page ‘Campaign For Careful Driving Through Coronation Avenue, Royston!!’