Royston website launched to ‘improve visibility and prestige of town’

There's a new Royston Town website to raise the profile of the town.

There's a new Royston Town website to raise the profile of the town. - Credit: Archant

A new website has been launched to enhance the digital profile of Royston and encourage more visitors to the town.

The Royston Town website, funded by Royston First, and designed by C4B Media and The Listing looks like a user-friendly app, with different sections such as ‘What’s On’ and ‘Eat, Drink, Shop’.

Town centre manager Geraint Burnell said: “Our aim with this new website is simply to bring together everything anyone ever wanted to know about Royston – be they visitor, resident or business. We’ve tried to look at the town from the perspective of the Royston user – what would they want to know? It is designed to complement the overall objective of ‘upping our game’ by publicising the benefits of living in and trading from Royston. In addition to the recently launched Royston Information Centre in the library, we are also in the process of building a series of printed materials and video promos to push our message further afield. All in all, we feel better placed to exploit the recent national media coverage of Royston as a top place to live and work in the south east.”

The videos will also be shown to cinema audiences. To visit the website, go to

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