Royston turns into winter wonderland as snow settles

Royston snow scene

Royston snow scene - Credit: Archant

This picture capturing the snowy scene at Priory Gardens was taken by Royston photographer David Hatton when the snow settled over the town on Friday.

Weather enthusiast Richard Dajda said: “Despite 2014 being fairly mild, 2015 has so far been our coldest year since 2012.

“The met office are sending out weather warnings constantly.

“There’s forecast to be more frost and cold conditions ahead.”

People took to Twitter to comment on the wintry conditions.

Chris Norton said: “Wow, some snow storm that in Royston – get to Hitchin and it’s green grass everywhere.”

Andrew Lawrence said: “I’m in Dundee and it snows in Royston...Why can’t I have snow? I want snow!”

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Ollie James Pottrill said: “Haircut done, walking back to car in snow, cold ears.”

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