Royston Town Council elections 2014: UKIP and Labour gain Royston Town Palace seats

Royston Town crest

Royston Town crest - Credit: Archant

Labour have won two seats and UKIP one on the Royston Town Palace ward of Royston Town Council.

The remaining three went to the Conservatives – who prior to the elections held 13 out of 15 seats.

Pat Albone (UKIP) 392

LES BAKER (Lab) 502 - elected

Amy Bourke (Lab) 400

Janet Burton (UKIP) 385

SARAH DINGLEY (Con) 528 - elected

Most Read

Elizabeth Freeman (Lib Dem) 306

Ken Garland (Lab) 349

Gemma Hughes (UKIP) 409

MARK HUGHES (UKIP) 410 - elected

ROBERT INWOOD (Lab) 498 - elected

BENJAMIN LEWIS(Con) 543 - elected

Jamie Lombari (UKIP) 331

Robin Todd (Lab) 342

Turnout: 35.22%

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