Call for ‘dreadful’ Royston pavements to be repaired after falls

Royston's Audrey Dewhurst met with MP Sir Oliver Heald and county councillor Fiona Hill to discuss c

Royston's Audrey Dewhurst met with MP Sir Oliver Heald and county councillor Fiona Hill to discuss concerns about the pavement in Baldock Street. Picture: Office of Sir Oliver Heald MP - Credit: Archant

Calls are being made for something to be done after a number of residents have fallen in Royston town centre due to ruts in the pavement between Morrisons supermarket and the nearby bus stop in Baldock Street.

North East Herts MP Sir Oliver Heald said he has been contacted by concerned residents who use walking frames and have been finding their wheels stuck in the pavement, causing them worry about their balance.

Audrey Dewhurst, who has lived in Royston for seven years, is one of the residents who has been experiencing difficulty.

The 85-year-old told the Crow: "I think that the pavement in Royston is pretty dreadful. I have got my walker stuck more than once - it's bad all over Royston, but especially near Morrisons.

"I know of three people who have had falls, so something should be done.

"I have issues with my balance, and usually can't manage without my walker. It is an old town so something should be done to make it easier to get around."

Sir Oliver has contacted county councillor Fiona Hill and together they are making representations to the Herts County Council for emergency works.

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"I was pleased Sir Oliver and Fiona Hill wanted to discuss the problem and hopefully now something will be done," added Mrs Dewhurst.

Sir Oliver said: "Fiona and I were concerned to hear of these issues and it was helpful to have this confirmed to us by Audrey Dewhurst, who has also experienced the problem. I hope that Herts Highways can fix this."

Councillor Hill, who represents the Royston East and Ermine division on Herts County Council, said: "We have received reports of uneven, rutted surfaces and witnessed the difficulties, particularly for residents with mobility aids, in this area. We have raised the issue with Herts Highways and will be pushing hard for repairs to the footpath."

A Herts County Council spokeswoman said: "The safety of our residents is a top priority for us at Hertfordshire County Council. Our maintenance contractor Ringway is aware of the pavement issues on Baldock Street and has carried out a safety assessment on this area - this inspection did not identify any defects that require immediate attention."

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