Consultation into A505 bridge connecting Royston to Melbourn now open

Royston to Melbourn bridge campaigners including county councillor Susan van de Ven, Sambor Czarnaws

Royston to Melbourn bridge campaigners including county councillor Susan van de Ven, Sambor Czarnawski and town councillor Tom Perry. Picture: A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign - Credit: Archant

A consultation is now open for a proposed bridge over the A505 and cycle path along the A10, to connect Royston to Melbourn for pedestrians and cyclists – with campaigners hoping for 1,000 responses to strengthen their cause.

The Melbourn Greenway scheme is one of 12 Greater Cambridge Partnership schemes for active travel corridors radiating out from Cambridge to key market towns and villages - including the A10 to Royston.

The bridge would sit just east of the A505/A10 roundabout, while the path would run along the east side of the A10. The link would be suitable for cycling, walking or mobility scooters, pushchairs and anyone not in a motorised vehicle.

Royston town councillor, Tom Perry, said: "Royston is hemmed in by the A505 and it's crucial that we're able to travel sustainably for the sake of the environment and our health and wellbeing.

"A link to Melbourn will provide a fantastic opportunity for commuters, those with limited mobility options, and everyday walkers and cyclists, to get around more efficiently.

"That's why we're asking residents to respond to the GCP's Melbourn Greenway consultation and offer their strong support."

Royston resident Sambor Czarnawski said: "I travel to Melbourn every day to go to college. It's only two miles, and yet I can't travel there except by bus, as it's too dangerous to cross the main roads. I'd go on my own by bike if it were safe to do so."

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A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign chair Susan van de Ven, who is also a Melbourn county councillor, said: "While the A10 from Cambridge to Melbourn has seen dramatic improvements for walking, cycling and scootering, the two-mile Melbourn-Royston connection is missing.

"The Melbourn Greenway scheme is the best opportunity we've had to deliver this link.

"We want to get the strongest consultation response of any of the Greater Cambridge Partnership Greenway schemes - we're aiming for 1,000 responses."

Councillor Perry has organised a stall at Royston Market this Saturday, where residents can learn more and fill out the consultation form.

In addition, the Greater Cambridge Partnership will be at Melbourn Community Hub on July 11 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm for a Melbourn Greenway drop-in consultation event.

To respond to the consultation online, go to