Ofcom investigation into problem key fobs at Tesco Royston concludes

Tesco Extra in Royston.

Shoppers were unable to access their vehicles at Tesco Royston last week. - Credit: Bianca Wild

Ofcom has concluded their investigation into why some key fobs for vehicles parked at Royston Tesco Extra stopped working last week. 

Police received a number of calls from members of the public on Friday, who weren't able to access their vehicles in the superstore's car park in Old North Road.

A police spokesman said: "For reasons yet unknown, there appears to be an issue in this area with key fobs not functioning correctly."

On Friday afternoon, PC Taranvir Gill has attended the Tesco branch with Ofcom, who are the UK's communications regulator, and conducted a survey.

An investigation was launched by Ofcom with the support of PC Gill, with the manager of Tesco aware of the ongoing work.

PC Gill said, “We wish to reassure residents that we are fully aware of the issues affecting intermittent access to vehicles in this car park.

“If you have any problems accessing your vehicle, please do not panic.

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"We would ask that in the first instance, you go to the Tesco customer service desk and ask to speak to the on-duty manager to make them aware you are having difficulties getting into your vehicle.

“They have the contact details for Ofcom, who are fully up-to-speed with this issue. The Ofcom reference number is 1138558.

“In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to email me at taranvir.gill@herts.pnn.police.uk.”

On Monday, an Ofcom spokesman told the Crow: “We were alerted to reports of people unable to use their key fobs to get into their cars at a car park in Hertfordshire over the weekend.

"Our spectrum assurance team attended the site to check for signs of interference however no interference was detected. Our investigation has now concluded.”

Devices such as car key fobs, baby monitors, phones, televisions and satellites all communicate wirelessly through radio waves, and interference can affect the technology used to secure vehicles.

Cars with keyless entry can sometimes be vulnerable to theft, with thieves using technology to bypass entry systems on keyless cars. 

Herts police are not treating the Tesco situation as one of malicious intent.