‘Royston Tapestry will put town on the map’

Royston Tapestry. Picture: Linda Jane

Royston Tapestry. Picture: Linda Jane - Credit: Archant

The inaugural week-long display of the Royston Tapestry has been hailed a success, with more than 1,000 people going along to take a look.

Royston Tapestry. Picture: Linda Jane

Royston Tapestry. Picture: Linda Jane - Credit: Archant

The tapestry, which was first dreamt up in 1989, took more than 25 years to complete it in its 24-metre entirety.

Inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry, the Royston Tapestry boasts 15 scenes covering 64 million years of rich history.

Museum assistant Amy Judd told the Crow: "We've had a really positive response from those who have come to see it.

"Artists who have given their time have been excited to show off what they've done."

Royston Tapestry. Picture: Linda Jane

Royston Tapestry. Picture: Linda Jane - Credit: Archant

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The tapestry - which was on display at Royston Town Hall from Saturday, July 6 until Friday last week - will tour around the country, with upcoming locations to be revealed in the near future.

Town council clerk Caroline Mills said: "Many residents have contacted me to express their delight at the tapestry and its amazing colours and the story that it tells. I have heard several people say that 'it will put Royston on the map.'

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"Thanks go to the museum curator, the museum assistant and the band of volunteers that have managed to bring this project to fruition."

Madeline Odent, curator and manager of the Royston Museum, said: "I'm so glad to have been able to deliver this project - I couldn't have done any of it without the incredible volunteers who have stepped forward.

"I was just absolutely humbled and honoured when Jane Vincent - curator who began the whole project - returned from her retirement to congratulate me at the reveal. I'm grateful to those who have dedicated decades to the project.

"As a small, local history museum, we're thrilled to have this artwork as a permanent part of the collection. Royston has always taken pride in its history, and this piece has proven to be a major attraction.

"We hope that it will continue to draw visitors to town."

The tapestry's final location is yet to be determined due to the size of the current museum.

Madeline said:"Its final home must, naturally, be in the museum.Unfortunately, there is no safe and appropriate way to display it in our current building."

There are plans to find a new, more suitable location for the museum. The project, which is expected to take two years to fundraise for and redevelop, will aim to be large enough to house Royston's rich history and future.

For more information go to www.roystonmuseum.org.uk/collections/the-royston-tapestry.

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