'Bellowing' station PA system continues to impact residents' lives

Police were called to Royston station on Saturday after a man allegedly exposed himself on a train.

Jenny Pardoe lives near the station and says the new PA system is too loud. - Credit: Archant

A retired legal executive has told the Crow how the "bellowing" noise of the the nearby railway station's public address system is impacting her life. 

Jenny Pardoe has lived in the town for 45 years and says the noise from the station's new tannoy is the loudest she's known it. 

Ms Pardoe, of Leete Place, told the Crow: "The first time it went off back in February, I thought something terrible had happened and it was police telling people to evacuate. 

"The speaker is opposite my bedroom and the noise is unbelievable.

"I don't know why it has to be so loud. It did quieten down for a bit, but not for long. I have complained and was told they can only turn it down with approval from head office."

Back in April, the Crow heard from lorry driver Tony Payne who said the noise was keeping him from sleeping when he returns from night work.

Ms Pardoe's life has also been impacted by the noise - so much so, that she is unable to sleep in her bedroom.

She continued: "I have an 81-year-old neighbour, there are families living here as well and it can't be good for anyone. We have all complained. This is noise abatement.

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"We have to turn the telly up to drown out the noise. and now it's getting warmer we need to open the windows. Since the shrubbery was cut down it's worse. 

"Hardly anyone gets on the train down this end -  there's no body this end of the platform 

"I accept they want to have a tannoy system, but I don't know why it has to be so loud - I don't need to be told you can't ride bicycles or skateboards on the platform at six in the morning."

Back in April, a spokesperson for Govia said "We're now monitoring to check it's consistently as low as possible, and we’ve also shortened the times of day when the system is used.”

Karen Gregson, area manager for Great Northern has now told the Crow: "We appreciate that with the warmer weather and open windows, announcements will seem louder.

"We do need to make disruption and passenger safety messages but we're looking into how we can reduce their effect for neighbours. I'm hoping to talk directly with the resident who has raised this concern, to better understand what changes might help."