Royston schoolchildren ‘travel’ the world

Tannery Drift students with their passports plotting a trip to Ethiopia

Tannery Drift students with their passports plotting a trip to Ethiopia - Credit: Archant

CHILDREN ‘travelled the world’ in a day to learn about their school’s links with other countries.

Tannery Drift first school in Royston established links with Ciudad de Roma School in Madrid and Selam Elementary School in the Gondar region of Ethiopia during the Olympic Games of 2012.

Pupils at the school had the opportunity to learn more about their counterparts at these schools during a day of activities last week.

A spokesman for the school said: “Each class circulated around different rooms to engage in activities that gave a taster of the cuisine, art, culture, dance and lifestyle of these countries.

“Children viewed art works by Miro and attempted their own copies. A Spanish menu was on the table at lunchtime as well as groups sampling the national Ethiopian dish of injera and mesir wat, a spicy vegetarian dish eaten with hands from a large pancake style base.

“Spanish nursery rhymes were taught and a group watched a video from Ethiopia before attempting to imitate a very enjoyable shoulder dance, which made us all smile.”

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